Kokkinos Pirgos - a beach site village in South Crete

The mass tourism has not yet taken hold in Kokkinos Pirgos and there are only a few small hotels and apartments places. Our small coastal community, 2km away from Tymbaki, has fantastic beaches with the crystal clear water of the Libyan sea, small harbor with docking facilities for sailing and fishing boats and a beach promenade with fish taverns, cafes and bars.

Kokkinos Pirgos (meaning red tower), took its name by a castle that was there during the Middle Ages built from red clay earth. The climate of the region is warm, which is indicated by the many greenhouses of fresh vegetables.
The village is located in the middle of the Messara bay and has a beach on each side. The eastern part of the beach is sandy and extends for several kilometers to the southeast, you can walk along the beach to Kalamaki and have a nice stop for a coffee or lunch, and even further to the beautiful sandy Komos Beach, where you find the Karibu and Bunga Bunga bars. The western beach starts behind the harbor is quite wide, but as you head towards Agia Galini large gravel masses raise above it and approach the sea.

The village Kokkinos Pirgos is the perfect place to stay, if you plan to explore the area of the Messara plain, the Asterousia Mountains, the Ida Mountains with the Psiloritis and the Southern part of the area Rethymnon, or if you just want to relax for some day and walk along the sandy beaches. 


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Activities in Kokkinos Pirgos and the area

The villages of the messara

The villages Kamilari, Sivas, Pitsida with small road, old houses and many taverna are close by and for night life you can go to Matala, with its famous Hakuna Matata bar (and taverna!). Even more famousis the archealogical site of Phaistos, which you should not miss. From there you can make a turn to Kouses and stop at Jannis "Botano" shop, where you find exelent teas, herbs, try fruits...       
Please also visit the village Vori, which is maybe the most authentic village in the Messara valley. Here you can see, how the Greeks live and when you stop for a coffee at the square you can easily get in though with the people find out a lot about the Cretan culture. From the square you can walk to the ceramic workshop, where they produce vases, masks, pots... of high quality and want to see even more about, have a look at the Museum of Cretan Ethnology in the center of Vori.

Please have a look at our "activities" or get here more information about the area of Phaistos.    

Sports and rental stores

Our village also offers some options for guests who like watersports. With the team of the MareSud Diving Center you can book a "Try Scuba" lesson, of go for a more advanced trip. They also have snorkeling equippent and organize boat trip to the Paximadia Island, Vathi and other beautful spots. Since last year we have a Water sports group "Ναυταθλητικός Όμιλος Τυμπακίου - ΝΟΤ", where you can learn sailing - kite surfing and other watersports are planned.

If you want to see the area by bicycle, you can have a look at the the bicycle rental shop in Matala, or if you like it more advanced at Crete Cycling in Agia Galini. One last thing, we would like mention are the guided trekking and mountaineering tours rock climbing courses, canyoning which Lior and Franzi are offering. 

Kokkinos Pirgos in winter time

Crete is not just a summer destination, more and more people come in winter time to our area, since we have a very mild climate, which is perfect for cycling tours, walks in the mountains and gorges or just to relax at the empty beaches. All the island of Crete is green, the flowers start to bloom and you feel the natures recovering after a long summer. Join travel-groups for hiking, for yoga, singing bowls, photography and many other activities for winter time.     

You need help with organizing your holidays? Do you want to book a private guide? Or are you looking for accommodation? Please let us know, what we can do for you!

Have a great time in Kokkinos Pirgos and the Phaistos Area   

Kokkinos Pirgos Crete