Kokkinos Pirgos - a beach site village in South Crete

In Kokkinos Pyrgos mass tourism has not yet taken hold and there are only a few small hotels and apartments places. Our small coastal community, 2km away from Tymbaki, has fantastic beaches with the crystal clear water of the Libyan sea, small harbor with docking facilities for sailing and fishing boats and a beach promenade with fish taverns, cafes and bars.

Kokkinos Pirgos (meaning red tower), took its name by a castle that was there during the Middle Ages built from red clay earth.
The climate of the region is warm, which is indicated by the many greenhouses of fresh vegetables.

The village is located in the middle of the Messara bay and has a beach on each side. The eastern part of the beach is sandy and extends for several kilometers to the southeast, until Kommos.
The western beach starts behind the harbor and is named Makrimaliana. It is quite wide, but as you head towards Agia Galini large gravel masses raise above it and approach the sea.